Founded by Rebecca Griffiths, an ex-Amazonian, Primis is a company focussed on changing customers’ post-purchase experience. The company has recently secured an undisclosed investment from MOHARA. This new start-up, Primis Communications, is here to improve the e-commerce customer experience encountered by retail customers post the buy button.

Rebecca Griffiths, Primis Communications CEO, said “Having spent time on both sides of the fence in retail, and also in software – retailers in the long term want and need a platform that will grow with their ever-demanding business needs from the supply chain, e-commerce, to marketing. Primis Communications will provide a personalised customer experience to consumers and working with a great company such as MOHARA is going to allow us to build a platform which will not only be relevant now but will also be capable of future development easily in the future to keep up with consumers growing demands”.

Ben Blomerley, MOHARA COO, commented, “Everyone knows Amazon has shaken up the way e-commerce is done. But Amazon is not the whole story. Bringing the Amazon-quality purchase and post-purchase experience to the rest of the industry could be very big, and that’s exactly what Primis aims to do. The Primis founders know the market and industry so well, so it’s a very exciting venture to be a part of.”

With more and more online brands focussing on improving their customer experience, consumers have grown to expect and desire personalised experiences. Retailers must respond to the rising demand for personalisation, differentiating themselves from the masses. Consumers need brands that will give the necessary attention throughout the entire buying process and also look into the consumers’ future needs, ensuring long term return.

About Primis:

Primis Communications Limited is an enterprise platform established in 2020, specialising in Post Purchase, Customer Focused and Loyalty Program Platforms.

Primis Communications was founded upon the need amongst the retail industry to further enhance the consumer journey and experience, with particular focus on the extended longer-term touchpoints between the retailer and consumer, specifically communication channels.

Primis is not solely focused on the traditional post-purchase consumer communication, with promoting sustainability one of their core values. They intend to develop a product suite which not only provides the consumer with an exceptional post-purchase experience but provides sufficient information to allow the consumer to consider their carbon footprint to improve sustainability (e.g. by proposing more carbon-efficient delivery options).

They also firmly believe that collaboration of experts in various fields is tantamount to achieving success, in whatever the subject may be.  The last 12 months have been spent cultivating and forging partnerships with various experts in the sustainability field (including upcycle, recycle, textiles resales) as well as Carrier Management System providers who are best placed to support an improved customer journey (both with communication and quality of service) as well as support the future sustainability plans of the retail industry as a whole.


MOHARA is a digital product development agency, founded in 2010, with offices in London, Brighton, Bangkok, Cape Town and Dallas. They work with start-ups and corporate businesses as an innovation delivery partner, bringing their clients’ ideas to life and enabling them to flourish. MOHARA follows a robust user-centred process, ensuring they validate assumptions and de-risk development.

To deliver a winning product, you need to know your users, address a definite pain point and be a great developer. These parts need to be joined to succeed – MOHARA specialises in helping teams join the dots and bring products to market.

MOHARA’s proven SCUBA model takes products from identifying the problem to reality. SCUBA aims to surface innovative and viable product ideas, choose the best idea to pursue, de-risk the engineering process and ensure products deliver ROI. The model helps to plot your roadmap, which creates alignment and a clear line of sight.