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#3 Meaning

I can’t sleep; I never can after an overnight flight. I’m stuck in a state of alertness but not sharp enough to do any real work. 

But I still feel like writing; this is the third part of why I run MOHARA, you can read part one here and part two here.

This part is on meaning. 

I’ve already spoken about my dad spending a large part of his life on important research, and my mum was a very passionate teacher – they both worked in fields where their efforts made a difference.

And now I find myself working in business – not a job that people typically consider as helpful or even meaningful.

But it is meaningful to me.

What we do at MOHARA is important. We help entrepreneurs’ dreams become a reality – we do hard and disciplined work to build robust products. 

Of course, entrepreneurs work hard too. They work long hours in uncertain environments selling, iterating, dealing with problems and facing the reality of failure and rejection.

Our job is to make one part of their life stress-free – the product.

Entrepreneurs are juggling all of these problems – finance issues, staffing, investor disagreements, sales problems, uncertainty, market conditions, and when they meet or speak to one of our team I want them to think:

“MOHARA is bringing me solutions – they are reducing problems and making my business better.”

I’m drawn to entrepreneurship; I wake up at night excited by ideas and when going to meet an entrepreneur, I walk a bit faster – I want to think about the limitless possibilities of the future. 

Entrepreneurs exist in every field – technology, medicine, travel, space exploration and anything you can imagine. Everything that we take for granted today was built by an entrepreneur.

It surely means something to support these people on their uncertain path – many will fail, and our job at MOHARA is to reduce the risk of failure.

What I’m trying to say is that it means something to support the innovators – there are few more important groups of people in the world than those that will shape all of our futures.

At MOHARA, we have a team and a way of working that provides unbelievable support for these entrepreneurs – support that I believe money can’t buy. Support that only comes from being in the trenches together. 

Alignment + expertise = a great chance of success!

Our methodology puts the user at the heart of the business and delivers product for the user. It’s the easiest thing in the world to get wrapped up in a product – but we must get wrapped up in our users. We start at a very high level and then drill down until we get to the heart of the issues – then we build the best possible product to solve that problem.

At MOHARA we’re always thinking about products…

  • What does your user not have?
  • What does your user want?
  • Why does your user want it?
  • What other options does your user have?
  • What are the real pain points we’re solving?
  • Is the business commercially viable?
  • Can we build a moat around the business?

Sometimes people turn around and ask me whether the world really needs another fitness or wine tasting app – it’s hardly as important as what a teacher or a nurse does?  I was speaking to a user for one of our clients recently, a nurse who has phenomenal wine delivered to her house, she said:

“I really love getting this product – If I’ve had a run of night shifts, I look forward to coming home and having a glass of incredible wine. I open the box, and I just get a feeling of excitement – it gives me something to look forward to, and when my shifts are tough, it can be a great motivator.

Some of our clients have products that are obviously beneficial to society, and some are a little more fun – but they all try to give people something they want and to me that has incredible meaning.

I’ve been writing this document for a good few hours and it has solidified how I feel. I firmly believe that entrepreneurs are a brave, exciting and crucial group. Let’s be pioneers together.