Gather feedback to inform your build

Before we commit to writing code, user insights and data are collated and analysed to inform your development plan

Providing users with what they need is the holy grail of product development, but user feedback is overwhelming and it can be hard to know the best way forward. At the Understand stage, we take a large amount of gathered data, then analyse and validate it to inform a well-rounded development plan.

We’ll help you:

  • Manage the user feedback process so the most relevant information is surfaced on how users feel about the product.
  • Instead of just focusing on the mechanics of user journeys, we inform product development by understanding how users feel when they engage with the product.
  • Turn the insights into a clearly defined strategy that we use to execute the development plan with consideration of key metrics and resources.
  • This includes establishing which features are winners and what needs to be changed.
  • Sort through hundreds or thousands of pages of data to pick out the key themes and most valuable insights.

What we do:

User Lens

Focus groups, workshops and interviews

We create the right environment to draw out the best user insights, be it a large-scale process or more detailed one-on-one interviews.

Ways of thinking


Clearly defined experiments that test the most vital assumptions about the product and user engagement.

Decision making

After the Understand phase there is a crucial decision whether to proceed, pivot or park — our decision-making clarifies the best path.

User Lens

Service map development

As we gather feedback, we’re able to further shape the service map to make sure the user experience is hitting the mark.

Ways of building

Development plan

Once user feedback has been analysed, a technical development plan is created to guide the Build phase.

Our Process:


Create the best testing environment

We make sure that users are engaged in order to create reliable results.


Update your service map

User feedback will impact the product, and this is reflected on the service map.


Collate and analyse feedback

During the process, we amplify the most useful insights and pull out the most meaningful conclusions.


Get ready to write code

A clear, user-driven product plan is built to guide the Build phase.

John Sunart | Design Director 

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Once we have the business case for a product idea, we need to turn it into reality in the form of a usable prototype.



Now that we’ve collected the right amount of relevant feedback from the appropriate sources and locked down the development plan, it’s time to get building.