Choose the right path to innovate successfully

We help you analyse your options and gain clarity on the best way forward.

Faced with endless possibilities, it’s hard to decide on a path that will satisfy both users and key stakeholders. Our process uncovers great ideas while also meeting your business corporate objectives.

We’ll help you:

  • Stay aligned with the primary business objectives: Often vague parameters can send projects in the wrong direction — we make sure you stay on track.
  • Map the ecosystem: so you gain clarity on the market and can zero in on the most promising paths.
  • Gather a wide range of ideas: Insights can come from many places including employees, customers and partners — our process assimilates all of these viewpoints.
  • Avoid unrealistic paths: from the start, by making sure that ideas are considered through a lens of technical viability.
  • Ensure the best ideas are surfaced: and there is a coherent decision-making process about which idea to progress to the prototype stage.

MOHARA Approach

User Lens

Opportunity canvassing

We help you map the current landscape, and surface opportunities of interest that can be explored further.

Competitor analysis

Look at direct and indirect competitors to provide clarity on key opportunities in your ecosystem.

Business Lens

User research

Workshops, focus groups and interviews engage key stakeholders to uncover the best ideas.

Business case development

Verifying ideas against a tightly-developed rubric creates the business case for an idea to progress to validation.

Our Process:


Define the ecosystem

This section looks at defining the area you operate in — a critical first step for defining opportunities.


Group ideas together and create a shortlist

The process of beginning to zero in on your path.


Find opportunities

We look at the ecosystem from different angles to see where the best opportunities lie.


Decide on the best opportunity

We develop a decision-making rubric, which allows you to make the final decision on where to commit resources.

John Sunart | Design Director 

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Once we have the business case for a product idea, we need to turn it into reality in the form of a usable prototype.