Engage with users and gain support from stakeholders

Create a prototype to test your concept

The number one reason products fail is because they don’t meet user needs. Before investing time and money into development we create prototypes that validate assumptions with real customers.

We’ll help you:

  • Bring your idea to life by enabling users and stakeholders to interact with an early version of your product.
  • Gain buy-in for your business case and concept by exciting stakeholders with the potential of your idea.
  • Gather feedback directly from users and other stakeholders to validate your hypothesis and improve your product.
  • Use feedback to generate insights that will help your product meet user and stakeholder needs.
  • Save time and money by validating and improving your concept before starting the build phase.

MOHARA Approach

Ways of building

Development prototyping

Develop a functioning prototype for users to interact with and provide critical feedback.

Technical validation

By mapping out different journey types, it helps to surface the correct technical build and architecting requirements.

User Lens

User testing

Manage the testing phase to ensure you collect relevant feedback that informs the development stage.

Experience Lens


The prototype should look and feel authentic in order to promote engagement with the product.

Detailed service mapping

Visualise the users’ journey to help understand the steps and the emotional journey they take.

Our Process:


Service map version 1 is built

Develop a map of the user interactions and experiences we expect to see.


Give the product to users

User testing is carefully managed to make sure useful insight is generated.


Build the prototype

We build a prototype you can use — normally this is a clickable version without code.


Update service map

We develop a decision-making Detailed testing provides insights on iterations and improvements that are captured in an updated service map.

John Sunart | Design Director 


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Once we have the business case for a product idea, we need to turn it into reality in the form of a usable prototype.



You’ve tested what users think of your product and how they may use it; now you’re well placed to start crunching that data and building the development plan.