Iterate and optimise

As soon as everything is live, we focus on product and business model improvements to accelerate growth

We’ve been through a challenging process: we’ve gone from an idea to a functioning product. It’s easy to think the hard work is over, but it’s only just begun. Now we need to continue to attract users, make them stick around and keep evolving the product to meet user needs.

We’ll help you:

  • Scale faster – We’ll leverage our product and engineering expertise to extend your team
  • When a product is launched, growth normally depends on follow-on funding of some form — we’re experienced in building compelling business cases to secure necessary funds.
  • Develop a product roadmap— once your product is launched you’ll be gathering feedback and analysing user interactions. This will create a long list of possible new features. We help you navigate the process of deciding what to add, remove or optimise and in what order.
  • Ensure the business model supports the growth plans and evolves over time as the business moves through different stages of growth.

What we do:

Experience Lens

Product roadmap

We help you make difficult decisions about what product developments you should make.

User Lens

Business model development

Making your operating model suit your plans is critical; we help you ensure the operations, unit economics and processes support your product.

Business Lens

User testing

Just because a product is developed it doesn’t mean user testing should stop — we help you build a robust process for continually gathering user feedback.

Our Process:


Extending teams

Our primary focus is on providing you with quality teams to extend your product delivery capabilities.


Product roadmap

Development doesn’t stop once the product is launched. After launch, our attention turns to improving the product.


Fundraising support

We help support the product, competitive landscape, and the overall business potential to key investors.


User testing

As the user base grows, we build in processes to capture feedback to inform the most important product improvements.


Business process

From account management to finance to helpdesks, we help ensure the product integrates smoothly with underlying processes to support the business.

John Sunart | Design Director 


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Now that we’ve collected the right amount of relevant feedback from the appropriate sources and locked down the development plan, it’s time to get building.