At MOHARA we have 3 business streams. We have our Partnerships, our Ventures and the Innovation Lab. These departments dovetail, they share some similarities and they allow us to brings skills and insight from one model to the next. They are still however different beasts within MOHARA.

Today, MOHARA’s Partnerships pillar is geared towards working very closely with brands, agencies and corporates looking for support with non-core technical delivery. We act as a Digital Production Partner, helping to meet your objectives with technological solutions. Whether it’s for a campaign, a new product or to help employees realise their intrapreneurially ambitions, if it’s tech, we can build it.

We have already discussed our Ventures model and how we approach that side of our work. Like our Ventures model, our Partnership model evolved at a rapid rate in the past 18 months. Originally MOHARA, under a different guise, operated as a web design and build agency, servicing small SMEs and even smaller freelance clients.

We grew to taking on larger scale clients, and with it, much larger builds. Looking back, we were moving towards an increasingly full-service business model. The churn and provision basis we felt didn’t fully work for us, nor the client in the long run. We wanted to avoid problems that can be fixed before they appear. To be agile enough to embrace the opportunities that new technologies can provide, rather than retrofitting them in a panic.

Our work with Brewers’ Hall benefited from this model. Together we built both their brochure site and a bespoke event management and membership system. It is specifically tailored for their system of differing memberships and user types. We continue to work with them to adapt and tailor the site, and it has in turn helped change and optimise the way they do business.

From front end landing pages to larger back end architecture projects, our skillset (honed within our Venture arm) focuses on delivering opportunities quickly. Close communication and creative discussion are paramount, and so ultimately is the quality of our work together. We invest in our Partnerships, and believe that being honest about what we can do, what our Partners want to do (even if that means we disagree with an approach), and also what we can’t do. We want to bring the camaraderie ethos of Ventures and startups to the world of our Partnerships. Whether it’s a cool app build or getting into the bones of a back end content management system, collaborative Partnerships add more value than simple transactional production work. Let’s be pioneers together.