MOHARA USA has become a reality. We launched our new branch in Dallas, Texas. To celebrate this big step in our journey, we want to introduce you to our main man in the States, David Engelthaler. Here’s a bit more about his experience in the industry and how he found his fit at MOHARA.

Tell us about your background and experience in the industry.

Straight out of college, I founded my first startup with a photographer friend. I knew I didn’t want to immediately go into a corporate role, so I decided to do my own thing.

Photo booths are pretty popular in America, and our startup functioned in this space. It was an open-air photo booth, with a DSLR camera and tablets inside. You could take your photo through the DSLR camera, which would send it to the tablets. This allowed you to share the picture directly to your social media account. It skipped the part where you had to take another photo of a printed strip of photos. We were the first people to market in that, and it just blew up.

Sales and organic growth were incredible across a period of only 18 months. However, the market got saturated soon after and we sold our business after four years.

During the time with our startup, we made use of an onshore agency. This experience allowed me to see some of the pain points that MOHARA addresses early on. Building my first business was also what gave me some experience in the tech industry. No longer wanting to make use of third party applications, I decided to build our own proprietary app. I was thrown into tech and immersed myself in it, even though I didn’t have any tech experience back in the day.

What made MOHARA stand out to you?

Initially, it was Rich with his passion for building startups, tech products and shaping a story. That is unique and it’s hard to find founders that have that genuine passion.

The open market landscape in the US has great potential. There is not a company with an offering like MOHARA in the US. The MOHARA message about what we want to do and how we partner with founders, helping startups to innovate and care for them – it is unparalleled.

MOHARA cares about their clients. That is the kind of person I am as well. I like to build relationships and get to know people. I want them to know that I care and I want to make sure that everything is in their best interests.

What is your advice to any startup/founder/entrepreneur starting out for the first time?

It is important to keep your head down and do the necessary work. People don’t see the work that was done yesterday to make today great. This is especially true for startups. You have to put in the work to make yourself who you are today. If you keep working, then you can and will start to look like those who inspire you.