With our new website going live this month and a real drive behind growth in 2018, we wanted to reflect on our journey and where MOHARA is at today. We’ve evolved quite a bit since our creation 7 years ago – and it’s been an exciting process that’s seen us hone in on what makes us passionate and how we can be the best at what we do.

MOHARA started out as a traditional web design company with big aspirations. Whilst we enjoyed the work, as time went on we wanted to offer more. We wanted to build businesses and foster partnerships. We wanted long lasting relationships with our clients, not single provisions. Our realisation was that if we could share our expertise and experiment on a regular basis – we could create great solutions, drive innovation and build cool shit together.

From this stance, our positioning as technical co-founders was born and we’ve never looked back. Our model is based on a high value engineering team based between London, Brighton and Bangkok. We’ve focused on developing a diverse range of skill-sets throughout MOHARA, that can provide great value and security to clients during their expansion and help dodge pitfalls the recruitment process might encounter.

This methodology has seen us build up a portfolio that ranges from the wine and classic car niches to the education and fitness sectors. It has created an exciting and fast-paced environment for us and our diversified portfolio also brings insights transferable across projects and industries as we learn together.

As partners we get to be heavily invested in producing exciting products and experiences, which is exactly where we want to be. Our scalable engineering resource ensures our venture CEO’s won’t be hamstrung by the inefficiencies of expansion and scaling, and more time can be spent pushing the product forward and stay focused on driving the success of the business.

That core startup ethos translates perfectly for our partnerships as well. We work as a digital production partner to partner new technologies, with digital campaigns and projects driven by creative agencies. Our close working relationship as a production partner informs, and in turn is informed, by the creative process of working with specialists in their respective fields.

Using tech such as augmented and virtual reality, alongside cutting edge web design and app development has helped us to realise our goal for greater immersion and engagement from consumers.

Passion is even in our name; MOHARA means vanguard and we strive to form the kind of partnerships and lasting relationships that ultimately lead to genuine innovation and success.

Sitting at the forefront of the digital space, using great tech to build cool stuff with awesome people, that’s what MOHARA is all about. Let’s be pioneers together.

With a month of 2018 under our belts, we’re already working on some amazing creative projects and have welcomed three fantastic ventures onto our books. Keep an eye on the blog over the next few months as we introduce some of our clients and partners to the world.