Why We Wrote The Marketplace Blueprint

At MOHARA we believe that the online marketplace is an excellent business model for startups – but it’s also the most misunderstood.

Building a marketplace is a unique challenge and lots of entrepreneurs fail unnecessarily because they don’t build their marketplace in the right way. We’ve found that getting the smallest ingredient wrong in a marketplace business can undermine its chances of success. Most entrepreneurs are strong in several elements of the business model but very few have the knowledge and skillset to tick every box.

This book has been designed for talented and hardworking entrepreneurs to make sure they don’t miss any of the critical elements of building a marketplace business.

What’s Inside

Tried and tested tactics to conceive and build the marketplace business you dream about.

  • How to get your first customers and gain traction
  • Assess whether your proposition is viable in the long term
  • How to quickly build liquidity and keep buyers and sellers coming back
  • Build a loyal supplier base by offering immense value
  • Learn how marketplace goliaths like Uber, Upwork and Etsy deliver value
  • Spot the common pitfalls and make sure you don’t fall foul of them
  • Learn how to spread secret sauce onto your marketplace to maximise value

Decades of experience squeezed into six chapters.


We look at an example of a marketplace business and the advantages and disadvantages of the model.


This will outline the different forms that marketplaces can take.


This section introduces the concept of liquidity, how to assess the potential liquidity in your market and how to maximise it.


This section focuses on how you can add value to sellers so that they keep coming back.


This section considers how we can prevent one of the biggest dangers to the online marketplace model: leakage.


We help you think about how to spread some secret sauce onto your marketplace to maximise value.

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