There are many thousands of talented, hard-working and innovative teams that are trying to build a product that will make the world better. We help those people deliver the best possible version of their product

 A mix of technical excellence, dedication and most importantly, empathy, gives us the fuel to chase our ambitious dreams.


So what is our culture?

We Put People First

  • We believe coming to work should be rewarding and enjoyable.
  • We help you develop your skills and work on projects that matter.
  • We care about employees, customers and investors – as human beings first and stakeholders second.
  • At work you can speak your mind, it’s why you’re here, and your ideas are always valued.
  • We work together to find solutions, always lending a helping hand and being generous with our time.
  • We’ve worked hard to make sure politics haven’t seeped into our business.
  • We believe in resting our minds, bodies and spirits.

We Strive to Improve

  • We are always asking how we can do better – it’s demanding but rewarding. There is no better feeling than pulling together and getting a product delivered.
  • We work on our technical capabilities, but we also work on our decision-making, collaboration, mentality and mindset.
  • Our collective experiences are incredible, and we love to share and learn from each other.
  • There are books everywhere in our office. We love to discuss what we’ve read or the latest podcast.
  • Discussions on random topics not only improve focus, but they also make us more creative and rounded.

We Deliver For Partners

  • Whether we’re working with a small startup or a FTSE 100 goliath our approach is the same – we deliver for our partners
  • The military say no plan survives first contact and this is true in our world, things change – a lot. We mitigate this by having clearly defined outcomes and by understanding the end user.
  • Our team has a wide range of skills, so it’s very common for people to be pulled into projects for an opinion; this flexibility ensures we can deliver.
  • We listen – attentively and all the time. Our partners understand their domains really well. Answers are normally hidden in plain sight – all you need to do is stop and listen.
  • Things go wrong, projects stumble, and people get upset. This is normal, but at MOHARA we don’t let a small issue turn into a full-scale disaster, and we do this by being frank, kind and open with everyone in a project. We share problems and work together to deliver solutions.