Reflections on a Tough Week

Just before Christmas, I was reflecting on a difficult few weeks. After working for 12 straight days, my team and I made it to the weekend, and the holiday period.  This challenging period got me thinking about how we help…

Why I Do This – Part 3


Why I Do This – Part 2

Why I do this

Why I Do This – Part 1

A Chat With Patty, Our Bangkok MD

With our offices split across the UK and Bangkok, we thought it would be a good idea to sit down with our Managing Director in Thailand Patty to talk about what it is like working for in tech and keep…

How to Break The To-Do List Deadlock

One of our core beliefs at MOHARA is that founders should be released to focus on what they excel at. The reason they started the business in the first place. Time and time again we see talented founders bogged down…