Online revision and productivity tool for GCSE and A level students to help beat procrastination

How Study Rocket found product-market fit

Study Rocket aimed to decode GCSE and A Level content, helping students access the right information and techniques to excel in exams. There is no shortage of revision guides: some are free, others are expensive and most are poor. The first-time founder at Study Rocket, James Terry, wanted to do something different – he wanted to give students the information they needed in a format that they could understand.
The project
  • The challenge was to go from nothing to a product that delighted users. As with many tech projects scope was a big challenge.
  • Build a project plan that tested most fundamental assumptions.
  • Accelerate the project towards the overall business goal – in this case providing the best tool for students preparing for exams.
  • Have project plan that is cost-effective and minimise risks.
The process
  • surface
  • conceive
  • understand
  • build
  • accelerate


  • Tested the most fundamental assumptions.
  • Minimise project risk and be cost-effective.

Product Map

  • The user research was properly interrogated to ensure it was turned into a low-risk product roadmap.
  • Resources were allocated so that key assumptions were tested and features that fell out-of-scope were minimised.
  • The right engineers, product managers, UX/UI designers and testers were deployed to bring the product to life.
  • User engagement was continually tested so that the team could zero in on the features that added the most value.

Technical Consultation

  • Within 24 hours a handpicked engineering team was deployed to get the project delivered.
  • MOHARA engineers are trained to think, looking for ways to streamline the project, and managed by a team that has a detailed understanding of the Study Rocket project.

Building the Product

  • Build a project plan that outlined the most critical engineering steps, and gave critical insight into what steps were needed to build early traction for the lowest possible investment.
  • The first iteration of the product was a hit, amassing 15,000 users and excellent reviews.
The Results
The partnership between MOHARA and Study Rocket led to hiring an in-house product development team to build on the foundations laid in the first two years.
The concept of a planning tool had the potential to be a standalone product and it is currently being developed for release on the App Store.
One element that emerged from product development was a timetabling feature. User feedback provided the insight that timetabling was a problem for students.
"MOHARA has been a great partner. The EdTech market is tough and I needed a standout product. MOHARA provided technical excellence and know-how to build a great product. Early-stage Founders are drowning in tasks. MOHARA relieved the strain of tech to give me the ability to focus on product and building a solid venture. It’s like having a fully organised in-house development team at your fingertips without the capital risk."
James Terry
Study Rocket