An online clothing tool that delivers a 97% fit accuracy for men who want the perfectly fitted shirt

Tailored to perfection

It’s time to revolutionise the art form of tailoring with technological innovation. London is the birthplace of British tailoring, but tailoring is still considered a time-consuming and expensive luxury. FITTED brings together master tailors, high-quality materials and technology-enabled custom fitting. The result is a bespoke shirt with a perfect fit.
The project
  • Challenging to scope the project. Had to draw on internal experts to determine how to turn the product (left half-finished by previous agency) into the founder’s vision.
  • Approximately 12,000 new images were needed for the visualiser (the first batch wasn’t good enough). Need to factor this into the time and cost of the build.
  • Project visualiser (tool) was fundamental to the product. Previous agency had struggled with the build - we’d be starting over on the tool.
  • No access to original developers: the previous agency had built an unnecessarily complicated codebase.
The process
  • surface
  • conceive
  • understand
  • build
  • accelerate


  • A critical principle of our design strategy process is to ensure strategic oversight is consistent throughout the build, and the development team are inserted early to add insight.

Product Map

  • Fixed budget - a lot of the budget has been used by the previous agency. No room for error in development plan.
  • Founder knew customers well and had been through several iterations of the product idea before settling on the current plan.

Technical Consultation

  • Founder and project manager provided daily oversight and feedback. Needed feedback on visual aspects of the product.

Building the Product

  • Deploying the right development and design team to make it happen – within budget. Any misstep could have led to obliterating the budget.
  • The key team members were one front-end, two back-end developers, and a project manager that worked closely with the founder.
The Results
Transforming a complicated codebase into the founder's vision.
Development of a technically challenging solution for Fitted's clients.
"The guys at MOHARA delivered on their promise; I was in a tough spot and was struggling to see the best way forward. MOHARA was great for a few reasons:

They listened to what I needed and had clearly worked on this type of troubleshooting project before. The team at MOHARA had first-class technical skills; they took my product and explained the best way to get a result – they also delivered the visualiser, which was difficult. Most importantly, it felt like a partnership, that they were working with me and not for me. There was a strong sense we were in this together."
Harry Morgan