Experiential marketing platform used by global drinks brands, ready to scale to 20,000 venues

From concept to high growth in 1 year

Running a marketing event requires significant coordination between the brand, venue and delivery partners, making execution extremely challenging. ExperienceThis makes events easy to run and helps create the best possible customer experience.
The project
  • Early stage: Strong understanding of the customer pain, but no technical planning yet.
  • Users were accustomed to manual processes. Seamless UX design required to change behaviour.
  • Having a range of users with very different needs; user needs assumptions had to be validated.
  • Technical architecture needed to support process of continual adaption and product development.
  • Planning to meet a range of user needs required a complex set of interconnected customer journeys.
The process
  • surface
  • conceive
  • understand
  • build
  • accelerate


  • Define the problem - technology as a solution.
  • Engage key users. Understand problems, validate initial assumptions. Conduct focus groups and interviews with users.

Product Map

  • Fixed budget - no room for error in development plan.
  • Customer research to build UML document: represent platform and interaction with users. Detailed wireframes were built - shown to users, iterated to produce first version of product map.

Technical Consultation

  • Technical plan to support needs of the project - cover challenges, architecture and assessment of how to mitigate risk.
  • High development risk; if experience not right for one user, or one stakeholder is missed out - whole platform compromised.

Building the Product

  • Mitigate risk: constant testing of assumptions. Check in to inform needs were met.
  • Product design and development was iterative. Worked in sprints - always making sure that user needs were met.
The Results
Ready to onboard 20,000+ venues
10+ Brands utilising the platform
5+ Delivery agencies engaged
5+ Staffing agencies started
Significant follow-on funding secured
"MOHARA really invested in the project and helped us deliver a great product - our customers are very pleased with it. I'm becoming excited about developing on what we've built and becoming the market leader"
Michelle Golding
Experience This