Bring Your Startup Dreams to Life: 10 Tips to Get You Started

Bring Your Startup Dreams to Life: 10 Tips to Get You Started

As MOHARA’s founder, I’ve gone on a rollercoaster journey from teacher to agency owner to startup venture partner.  And it’s taught me a lot about how to realise the right things in business. After partnering with more than 25 startups,…

Why I Do This – Part 3


Why I Do This – Part 2

Why I do this

Why I Do This – Part 1

The Economist Says the Startup Model is in Trouble – We Agree

A recent article in The Economist argued that there is a problem with the business model used by many tech startups. The article pointed to four issues that could bring about future problems for so-called tech unicorns, namely: These companies…


At MOHARA we have 3 business streams. We have our Partnerships, our Ventures and the Innovation Lab. These departments dovetail, they share some similarities and they allow us to brings skills and insight from one model to the next. They…

MOHARA: A Reintroduction

With our new website going live this month and a real drive behind growth in 2018, we wanted to reflect on our journey and where MOHARA is at today. We’ve evolved quite a bit since our creation 7 years ago…