Building a product that gets traction is a significant challenge; to build a breakout success is like well… spotting a unicorn.
The UK has done much to foster technology innovation over the past ten years, starting with Silicon Roundabout and now boasting smaller hubs in Kings Cross, Manchester, Reading, Brighton and Edinburgh.
Even though the sector has grown considerably, the odds of succeeding are stacked against founders.


There are lots of startups (10,000 in the UK) demonstrating how fashionable the sector is but this makes the competition for capital and talent intense


With so much choice at the early-stage, a lot of professional investors are diverting capital to later-stage ventures leaving startups struggling to get capitalised at the seed stage.


Demand outstrips supply for tech talent: top-quality developers, UX/UI designers, product managers and strategists are all hard to find

This leaves non-technical founders turning to freelancers and agencies. While there are good freelancers and agencies out there the model doesn’t work well for startups. The right talent is very expensive and the agency model isn’t aligned well with startups.

Agencies are incentivised to maximise profit, the MOHARA model means we’re incentivised to maximise outcomes – we’re completely aligned with the founders

The difficult environment of low capital and an under-supply of talent hurt the ecosystem. It means that good ideas and competent founders find it hard to get startups off the ground.


At MOHARA, our unique model of partnership is designed to help startups grow and prosper.

The MOHARA blueprint

We address the problems of capital and talent while providing a proven blueprint for developing winning products. This is how a partnership with MOHARA looks:

A Partnership

We receive equity in your startup and provide our product development apparatus in return. That covers everything you need for product excellence including, most importantly, seasoned entrepreneurs and product managers that know how to build great product

Aligned Incentives

Because our expertise is delivered in return for equity, we only make a return if you succeed. We are down in the trenches with you – a very different model to an agency who profits every day they work with you.

A Roadmap

Our team know how to deliver products that provide value and help your business prosper. Our user-centred approach focuses on answering key commercial questions, testing assumptions, and deploying minimum resources to get the best outcome.

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