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Authoring and content management suite for immersive 360 experiences.


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Make a great call on membership and event management.


Minerva - Learning Management System


The wise approach to online learning communities.



Aura empowers content owners with a range of intuitive tools to create and manage their own 360 video and panoramic photography projects.


Immersive Learning

90% retention rate compared with 20% for traditional training methods.

Content Rich

Enhance 360 experiences with a range of interactive hotspot options.

Self Publish

Intuitive and non-technical CMS environment to build and manage content.

Behaviour Metrics

In-built analytics provide data on user activity and learning progress.

For more information please download the aura product sheet.

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Reveille is a flexible and friendly software product that manages client memberships and events within a single, intuitive online environment.

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Reveille - Member Dashboard

Build Communities

Increase membership with feature-rich events, personalisation tools and member network communication.

Drive Activity

Target individuals or groups with instant communication to each member’s dashboard and notification system.


Explore membership activity, contact history and trend via Reveille’s integrated customer relationship management and advanced reporting tools. 

Save Time

Administration tasks are simplified via intuitive tools to facilitate actions and communicate key information to the relevant members.

For more information please download the reveille product sheet.

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Minerva is a dynamic learning management system that enables you to create, share and sell online courses.

Minerva - Learning Management System
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360 Platform

Set up live exams and online hand ins. Learners can keep everything in one place with an online library and integrated note taking system.

Blended Learning

Integrate Google Hangouts to deliver live teachings, or utilise Minerva to provide additional support for in-classroom teachings.

Course Engagement

Follow students’ progression, and set up automatic reminders to ensure learners stay on track.

Drive Revenue

Integrate Minerva with a CRM and notify the community when you launch new lessons and courses relevant to their interests.

For more information please download the minerva product sheet.

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