culture & innovation

great ideas don’t go far without  a great team.

We are makers, gamers, crafters,
creators, designers, engineers and more.
At the heart of everything we do is our
drive to create and build better experiences.

We are an international team with global ambitions.

From humble beginnings in 2010, we’ve grown

to a big beautiful family of characters in London,

Brighton and Thailand.

Creativity and innovation happen when different ideas come

together, in a comfortable and supported environment. That’s why

we encourage our team to spend time on their own projects – if our

team is creative and confident, we all benefit.

Our culture is very important to us, but it’s not just because we list

our values for all to see. It’s because we strive to be different in our

work and how we work. And when we fall short, we always try to

learn from that.



MOHARA works with visionary individuals who can identify exceptional
opportunities but need our help to make it happen.


Startups are all about vision and MOHARA plays a vital role in a company's technical growth.
We guide and develop your business through our experience, to help you make the best decisions.


When it comes to building products, we are at the cutting edge.
Our knowledge and foresight of the tech world mean we'll always have the right solution for your needs.


We think that standing up and being counted is important. We strive to work
and act with courage at MOHARA, in everything we do.


It takes guts to start your own business, and we support that ambition by knowing exactly what you need
from a technical co-founder.


We take the initiative - working alongside you, it’s all about doing the right thing for your business,
not the easiest.


We’re not a simple agency. We work with clients in many ways, but whatever direction we take,
we’re a team - when you win, we win. If you lose, we take that just as hard.


In the most literal sense, we’re onboard financially in your business. But we’re there
to grow with you, not benefit from you.


We want to see every product we build succeed and that's why our dedicated Customer Success team work
with you to scope, plan and deliver to the highest quality.


We’re honest with ourselves and our clients - being honest goes both ways.
That means being clear, not only on what we can do but also what
we can’t, and being honest if we make a mistake.


We're honest about who we want to work with. We have strong investment criteria, and we’re clear on where we can
add value


It's in the name, but we're partners. And that comes with a commitment from our side on the type of partner
to expect. Dependable, honest and accountable.

Would you like to join us?

Our roots are digital, our passion is contagious and our people
are awesome.
Sound like fun? Join the team.